Loyalty solution

Loyalty process in customer relationship

Bitaka, a privileged partner of your loyalty strategy, will accompany you throughout your loyalty project.


  • The establishment of loyalty program for customer relationship is no longer a business trend, but a necessity to the relational strategy in which the company wants to evolve.
  • Bitaka opens you doors of this new approach, which will lead you to a strategic vision, enabling daily proximity. We offer you opportunity to define the relevant strategy to your business environment and thereby to design the loyalty program suited to your needs.


  • To switch between strategic dimensions to operational dimensions requires depth knowledge of loyalty process implementation. We offer you the opportunity to discover the hidden environment of different reading data and / or information.
  • Promote customer data, apply geo-marketing, set up a smart data warehouse, will significantly develop your customer relations system: thus you will anticipate their expectations and needs. They will also be informed about promotions and bargains that interest them. Formality to make customer loyal will become a targeted, accurate, cost-effective loyalty concept.


  • Your information system will move from a passive to an active mode thanks to programs and loyalty tools formatting.
  • The exploitation process goes through loyalty cards (smart, bar code, magnetic ...) edition.
  • The traditional or classic cards difference is based on application related to management cards in front office and back office.
  • The customer loyalty is due to his satisfaction before, during and after the act of purchasing and not only at the moment of purchase to receive just a few points.


Winning a customer is good, but it is mutch better to keep him loyal. Some people say that making a customer loyal costs 4-5 times less expensive than conquering a new one .In addition 80% of the revenue is achieved by the 20% of loyal customers.

The current technology allows us to provide you a customized loyalty system of highest level, thanks to all type of cards.

To reward purchases of each customer, the loyalty card saves consumptions on a point’s account, this account entitled to rewards and discounts on purchases.

But the importance of adopting a system of loyalty must go beyond mere calculating points. The loyalty card provides accurate information about its customers, their buying behavior, and post-purchase reactions.